Bitty Boomers Black Panther Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Bitty Boomers Black Panther Bluetooth Speaker is a compact portable speaker designed for on-the-go listening. It features a Marvel Black Panther design, up to 5 hours of battery life, hands-free calling and a durable, splash-proof casing. While small in size and audio power, its portable form factor and attention to detail will appeal to both Black Panther fans and anyone seeking an compact wireless speaker.

Distinctive Black Panther Style

Bitty Boomers decked out this minuscule speaker with details inspired by the Black Panther superhero franchise. The all-black speaker grill features a prominent silver embossed Black Panther logo. Sticker decals with Wakandan symbols give it a tech-forward appearance true to the films. While highly stylized, its clean lines and minimalist all-black colorway keep the overall look slick rather than gaudy. Attention to detail on such a small speaker earns points for clever cohesion of design and content.

Surprisingly Mighty Sound

For its tiny 2.3 x 2.3 x 1.8 inch size, the Black Panther Bitty Boomers speaker produces a substantial amount of volume and bass. It won’t fill large spaces, but for personal listening or sharing with a small group, it gets adequately loud. Two front-facing 40mm drivers deliver well-balanced sound with controlled bass, clear mids and crisp highs given their compact constraints. While limited in power and fidelity compared to larger Bluetooth speakers, the Black Panther Bitty Boomers packs a punch for its miniature stature.

The Black Panther Bitty Boomers speaker offers 5 hours of battery life per charge and a standard Bluetooth range of 33 feet for wireless playback from your mobile devices. An integrated microphone allows for hands-free calls at the press of a button. The speaker’s durable, splash-proof exterior provides peace of mind for life on the go.

For under $20, the Bitty Boomers Black Panther Bluetooth Speaker is a budget-friendly option for wireless listening, especially for dedicated fans of the franchise. While diminutive in size, its stylish design, surprising power and useful features make this compact speaker a fully functional option for grab-and-go use or display. The Black Panther Bitty Boomers proves good things do come in small packages.