Bitty Boomers: Tiny Speakers, Huge Sound

Bitty Boomers are ultra-compact Bluetooth speakers delivering surprisingly powerful, high-definition stereo sound for their size. Despite measuring only a couple inches, Bitty Boomers incorporate premium drivers, radiators and Bluetooth 5.0 technology for lossless streaming up to 100ft away from paired source devices. Their pocket-friendly yet bold designs provide a stylish way to enjoy vivid, full-range sound anywhere life moves you.

Small Size, Big Sound

Bitty Boomers incorporate 3W neodymium drivers and passive radiators to generate rich, multidimensional audio with extended bass from a chassis no larger than a golf ball. Their proprietary chambered design reinforces acoustical properties for minimizing distortion at high volumes. Premium Bluetooth 5.0 allows Bitty Boomers to stream CD-quality resolution for clearer fidelity and dynamic range over the standard Bluetooth transmission used in most compact speakers.

Stylish and Durable

Despite their diminutive size, Bitty Boomers exhibit a stylish yet robust design optimized for life on the move. Their metal grilles and ABS enclosures withstand drops and dings, while splash resistance protects against spills, rain and snow. With a carabiner included, Bitty Boomers easily clip onto backpacks, belt loops or bags when out walking, hiking or cycling. For deskbound days, their aesthetics complement any work or living space with minimal footprint.

Grab and Go Sound

Bitty Boomers deliver up to 6 hours of playtime at 2/3 volume on a 1.5 hour charge, making the perfect grab and go companion for road trips, camping or business travels where space is limited. Their built-in mic allows using Siri or Google Assistant for hands-free control of audio playback, navigation and more. An AUX input also provides a wired connection option for MP3 players, in-flight entertainment systems or non-Bluetooth devices as needed.

While most mini speakers compromise power for portability, Bitty Boomers redefine what audiophile-grade sound is possible within a highly compact footprint. By incorporating premium components and wireless technologies into a stylish, pocket-sized design, Bitty Boomers let you experience your music, podcasts, audiobooks and video soundtracks anew through full-range fidelity that transforms each listening moment into an escape greater than its miniature scale.

Overall, Bitty Boomers mini Bluetooth speakers prove that size does not dictate sound in today’s audio technologies. By condensing audiophile-caliber performance into a chassis you can carry anywhere, Bitty Boomers make experiencing augmented reality through multidimensional sound as simple as putting tunes in your pocket and going where the rhythm leads. For those passionate about music on the move, Bitty Boomers mini speakers unleash maximum power, zero bulk. Your soundtrack. Anywhere. Anytime. No compromises.